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                Yiyang HeShan illuminate the whole world to create "home of the capacitor in China"

                2013/12/12      view:

                A few cents worth of electronic components, to create the output value of 2 billion yuan a year;A nondescript small products, lit up the whole world.Today announced outward HeShan yiyang city area, the launch of the "home of the capacitor in China, according to the work to make capacitors" made HeShan "become a HeShan towards national and thick brand into the world economy big stage.
                HeShan electronics industry started earlier, in the early 1970 s, the original yiyang county ErQing system is launched yiyang area the first capacitor factory, electronic manufacturing enterprises - yiyang county in a profit of 4 million yuan, is the pillar of county financial revenue.By the mid 80 s, with an open economy development, the county capacitor factory some courage, understand technology enterprise production management personnel independent portal, arrives in the market, has established the ZiJiang electronics co., LTD., Italian electronics co., LTD., yiyang and days electronics co., LTD., such as more than 10 electronic production joint venture with foreign enterprises, electronic industry output value has doubled.By the early 90 s, has formed a scale industry, the production of electronic components as changhong, konka, and so on electric appliance manufacturers preferred products.
                In recent years, HeShan district party committee and government attach great importance to the electronics industry development, vigorously supporting the electronics industry, the capacitor production enterprises constantly fission, scale increasing, the transformation and upgrading of products, and the rapid development of electronic industry.At present, more than 65 manufacturing enterprises in the capacitor, aihua electronics group formed to play a leading role of large industrial cluster, industry output value of nearly 2 billion yuan, the company had one hundred million yuan, of which the aluminum electrolytic capacitor production accounted for 20% of the country's total, highly efficient energy-saving lamps dedicated product market share of 70%, mobile phone charger is special product market share of 50%.Become Japan panasonic, Germany GE the world electrical appliance manufacturing giant VIP suppliers around the world.
                As HeShan zone in the electronics industry leading enterprises, hunan aihua technology group co., LTD., founded in 1985, after 20 years of arduous pioneering, now has developed into a leading aluminum capacitor solution for production, electrode foil and equipment manufacture in a body's production of science and technology enterprise groups.Included in the top 100 "China's most influential brand enterprise" and "China top 100 electronic components enterprise" and so on.

                Yiyang and days electronics co., LTD. With years of research and development, technology creation, become one of the biggest capacitor production enterprises in yiyang, its production and quality in all domestic leading level
                "We have an experience, if the product is only reached the domestic first-class level, the enterprise can only say that you can survive, but if your product can reach the international first-class level, can grasp the lifeline of enterprise, can take control of your own destiny, you will have a say in this field."Wang Anan, general manager of the company, they rely on scientific and technological progress, science and technology development, the production of electronic components, electrolytic capacitor, has reached the world's top level in the industry, in the capacitor industry, is also the only one able to compete with the Japanese products.
                A head of capacitor production companies make a example: yiyang capacitance can be as famous as is liuyang fireworks, just a capacitor is not the terminal consumer products to meet the consumers directly.
                HeShan district deputy district chief field support said happily, "made HeShan", corresponding to the depth of the global manufacturing has for capacitor "made HeShan" won the global dominance of the market, let HeShan bottom spirit and confidence on a par with the world.

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