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                The LED lighting industry development of our country quality perspective

                2013/12/12      view:

                    Compared to the noisy during the day, night view of Shanghai expo garden show far more nearly two fitting for aesthetic feeling.And this comes from YiMeiMei "small LED".Not only "one axis and four pavilions" and the urban best practices area completely using LED landscape lighting, there are more than one billion yuan worth of LED display is used to show the rich content of the video.

                    In addition to the "one axis and four pavilions" and the urban best practices area, Shanghai expo site square lighting, landscape zone along the Yangtze river, identification and intelligent guidance system, and part of indoor and outdoor lighting application of semiconductor LED lighting technology.At the same time, as the important content in the visit of night scene illumination is used in a variety of new type of energy-saving lighting.

                    "This is the first time LED lighting city block mass concentration used in China."Zhou Minhao, deputy director of Shanghai's economic and information commission, said in a kilometer long more LED more than 200 on the expo axis, the expo park used 1.03 billion LED chips;About 80% of world expo venue indoor lighting light source used the green LED light source, compared with ordinary incandescent lamp energy savings of up to 90%.

                    The 2010 Shanghai world expo is becoming the world's largest ever LED show, also the expo site is becoming the world's largest LED demonstration area.So the large-scale centralized demonstration also shows that our country has become the most LED production and the largest country in the market.

                Upstream link is still lack of voice

                    After the LED the first red, yellow and green.But when used in the signal more, until the 1990 s blue leds landmark.Using the combination of phosphor and blue leds, can easily obtain the white light, which LED onto the road of lighting.

                    In our country, the world expo in Shanghai is not the first time the LED massive show its swaying posture.As early as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the successful application of high brightness, high power LED, it made the wonderful opening ceremony was one of the largest LED light show.After one and a half years, LED all types again in the Shanghai world expo, with its huge visual impact created a scene shaking the world again.

                    "For manufacturing technology, the LED lamps and lanterns is the product itself is much complicated than traditional lamps and lanterns, it covers the semiconductor, lamps and lanterns structure and thermal material and other industries, is a cross-industry products."Zheng Haowen, director of the national high-tech enterprise development LED professional committee, told reporters that the LED industry chain, from upstream of the substrate material, extension, chip to device packaging and application, covers the semiconductor industry and the lighting industry is the industry of the fusion of interdisciplinarity.

                    From the point of the domestic LED industry layout, the uneven development of LED industry in China.National development and reform commission (NDRC) statistics show that in 2008 China's semiconductor lighting output value of nearly 70 billion yuan, including chip output value 1.9 billion yuan, encapsulation of 18.5 billion yuan, application products output value 45 billion yuan, chips, encapsulation and application of the ratio of output to 1:9:22.

                    Behind the LED industry investment hot, in other words, is have to face an embarrassing fact that LED domestic enterprises in the epitaxial wafer, chip upstream of the key links such as the lack of voice.

                , according to data from the China association of lighting in LED industry chain, the epitaxial wafer and chip accounted for 70% of the profits, while LED package and application accounts for only about 30% of the profits.The epitaxial wafer production still complete control in the hands of foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises do not have a volume production of epitaxial wafer can be implemented.In chips, domestic enterprises are mainly concentrated in the field of small power spectrum, still exist in the field of high-power high-end technology, production, quality, etc.

                Kung fu is used for lighting

                    At present, the development speed is very fast, especially the white LED LED luminous efficiency is more than the existing some of the light source, such as incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc.In LED landscape lighting and road lighting progress is very fast, which on the one hand, thanks to advances in technology, on the other hand has also benefited from the LED prices falling.With the deepening of the global energy conservation and emissions reduction and so on, the LED in the aspect of energy conservation and environmental protection will play a more and more important role.

                    Of China lighting association expert points out, the development of LED industry in China and abroad, there is a significant difference is that our country is more focused on outdoor LED lamps and lanterns, do the best and most successful is the landscape lighting, and abroad are more focused on indoor lamps and lanterns.

                    According to introducing, compared with the indoor lamps and lanterns, LED outdoor LED lamps and lanterns, the environment is more challenging.Because of the outdoor temperature higher, the sunlight is more intense, more power, etc.And LED lamps and lanterns is the higher the temperature, the lower the light efficiency, will be more problems in the outdoor, and the natural outdoor climate change also LED lamps and lanterns with relatively high precision of parts is considerable damage to the threat.

                    National electric light source quality supervision and inspection center (Shanghai), deputy director of the Liu Rong tree is that both the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world expo, as of the application of LED display instead of lighting, the former is the eye of people watching, namely, people look at it (LED), the latter is it (LED) to see people, which is the lamps and lanterns illuminate objects.Now as the display, LED has been very successful, because it itself has a big advantage: can dynamically.So it is good to replace the neon lights, become the best and most successful landscape lighting lamps and lanterns.

                    Liu Rong tree that LED as light source for lighting lamps and lanterns, there exist three problems: the efficiency of light, color, and the service life of the (light attenuation) and the lighting quality (including glare).Although the LED lamps and lanterns can achieve a high intensity of illumination, low energy consumption, but this does not mean that the LED lamps and lanterns light efficiency is high, because of its overall lighting quality is not high.

                    Desk lamp, for example, if the LED light source, may be 3 or 5 watts can the dozen watts) (less than energy-saving lamps, is to save energy.But this desk lamp can only guarantee a high vertical illuminance is very strong, that is very concentrated, the lighting Angle is small, the result is the uniformity of light, radius and range are restricted.

                    In addition, the LED lighting lamps and lanterns of glare is too strong, long distance to see only part of in the eyes, the color of the light is too dazzling.At the same time, although the life of the LED is very long, but it was at the time of low temperature, once made lighting lamps and lanterns, at high temperatures and closed environment, life expectancy has fallen sharply.

                    The experts agreed that China lighting association LED road lighting lamps and lanterns life problems, but in terms of indoor lighting, LED lamps and lanterns around the world have already quite mature.

                To be aimed at high-end

                From traditional lamps and lanterns industry migrating onto the LED lamps and lanterns to the home appliance such as the number of lamps and lanterns industry enterprises into the LED field, from the state ministry of science and technology, ministry of finance to start the "ten city wan light" plan to "thousands of thousands" of guangdong province industrialization demonstration project, high power LED street light LED is to show its vitality, and the development prospects of the personage inside course of study for the LED, also is very positive.

                Because the LED has the advantage of energy conservation and emissions reduction, in a series of policy under escort, huge market demand.The personage inside course of study points out, the power to promote the development of LED industry from three aspects: lighting outdoor lighting, display and a car.

                "Global LED leading enterprises are scrambling to enter the Chinese market, this year China will become the world's leading manufacturers of LED key battleground."Zheng Haowen said, LED industry development prospects are very good, in the next five years will exceed 300 billion yuan output value is expected to eventually form the size of the trillions.

                "At present our country is an important problem for the development of LED industry industry competition is too small, result in higher cost price is high, so we need to scale up. At the same time, our country LED also mainly in the field of low-end manufacturing equipment, high-end field dependence on imports, cannot adapt to the needs of the development of industry, so you need to work together to promote the whole industry. In addition, our country also urgently to improve the system of industry standards, provide a powerful impetus to the development of the industry."Zheng Haowen said.

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