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                Market demand home-made capacitor industry highlights opportunities

                2013/12/12      view:

                In recent years, due to the global energy, environment pressure and production elements price rises, the notion of energy conservation and environmental protection has deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Solar photovoltaic, wind power, energy saving lamps, electric cars, hybrid cars, automotive electronics, the rapid development of emerging industries such as three nets, on capacitance market has brought new growth space at the same time, also for capacitive element and its manufacturing, suppliers, new requirements are put forward.

                The traditional aluminum electrolytic capacitor exuberant vitality

                With the development of science and technology, especially the integrated circuit (IC), the development of very large scale integrated circuit (VLSI), the capacitor industry sustainable development, and even no living space is in the attention of people, however, since 1987, global capacitor production is growing at more than 20% a year, to dispel the doubt.

                Aluminum electrolytic capacitor has great capacity of unit volume, static large capacity, high volume, easy to miniaturization, self-healing properties, price is low wait for an unique advantage.Practice has proved that has a strong vitality and unsubstitutable electrolytic capacitor.On the one hand, due to the presence of the IC, make some small capacity of the capacitor was integrated into the internal circuit;On the other hand, the development of the IC the working frequency of the circuit system is greatly increased, result in electrolytic capacitor replaced by other capacitor in the part of the circuit.But the power of the IC circuit part is always inseparable from the electrolytic capacitor.In addition, the improvement of the performance of the electrolytic capacitor itself to extend its application field.

                In recent years, the electrolytic capacitor has made great breakthroughs in many aspects, to achieve a qualitative leap.Not only its share of the market not narrowed, on the contrary, to expanding its application field, present a high-speed growth, ushered in the many unprecedented opportunities for development.China electronics industry association information center forecast: this year our country aluminum electrolytic capacitor market scale will hold 5% 9% growth rate, but as the country advocates "energy conservation and emissions reduction", frequency conversion technology in the national economy in various fields has been more widely used, represented by wind power, photovoltaic power generation of green energy, in rail transit construction is also huge demand are put forward for aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the three areas will become the main driver of high aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry.

                Ultracapacitors benefited from the rapid development of new energy industry

                Because the new energy industry, especially the rapid development of new energy automotive industry, as part of the core power energy storage equipment super capacitor into high speed development stage.According to the personage inside course of study introduces, the super capacitor is the most advanced energy storage devices.Previous energy storage devices are made by electrical energy into chemical energy, again by conversion of chemical energy into electricity, two shift energy loss, super capacitor charging directly, then directly discharge, charge and discharge efficiency is as high as 98%;Economic value, the cost is only 70% of the lead-acid battery.Super capacitor electric bus with environmental protection, energy saving, the advantages of low cost performance, has become the optimal scheme of public traffic modernization, as well as aerospace, military, environmental aspects of the powerhouse.

                Car power battery at present basically has the following four: the most low-end for lead-acid batteries, heavy pollution and is only used for battery bike;Relatively low for nickel metal hydride batteries, the price is expensive, short range, electric cars no future;Is a bit better batteries, lithium iron phosphate prices more expensive, most electric vehicles have been used, and implement a charge in 100-100 km, need to start the gasoline engine hybrid to extend the mileage, but security risk;Best is super capacitor power battery, the price is cheap, free maintenance, 10 to 500000 times the charge and discharge cycle life, will become the mainstream of power battery.

                Industry source said, "it is because of the wide prospect of market, more and more super electricity companies are spare no effort to expand the market.""Predictably, super capacitor positive era has come."

                In addition, earlier this year, China's new energy vehicles for private purchases of fiscal subsidy policy formally introduced, new policy choice in Shanghai, shenzhen and other five cities as start private subsidies to purchase new energy vehicles pilot, plug-in hybrid passenger cars each highest subsidies of 50000 yuan;Pure electric passenger cars per the highest subsidies of 60000 yuan, this will be the opportunity for the further development of the super capacitor.

                "3.11" earthquake capacitance market influence to our country

                Because of Japan's main enterprise Nichicon aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Rubicon and chemie - con mostly focused on the "3.11" earthquake affected fukushima and surrounding areas, several aluminum electrolytic capacitor factory electricity and raw material supply shortages, and thus indirectly affect passive components factory production, the effect in the future may not be able to eliminate 3 to 9 months.

                Driven by market factors, it has brought the capacitance of the industry in our country.Capacitance, which was due to Japan's orders to our country, giving China capacitor industry opportunities, Chinese aluminum electrolytic capacitors are in short supply.We see, through the financial crisis in 2010, the shortage of the passive components industry gradually mature, to enhance the ability to resist risk.With the gradually accumulated technology and market reserve, capacitor manufacturer in front of the big event in China much a response to the hand, and try to grasp the elements instead of the more market opportunities;And distribution agent is no longer sad for out of stock, to extend the period of delivery is not fair, to expand product lines, finishing operation mode to avoid risk is become adept.

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